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Paid Apps Gone Free – PAGF

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Paid Apps Gone Free – PAGF डाउनलोड(APKPure)

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Paid Apps Gone Free – PAGF

Paid Apps Gone Free - PAGF आइकनBeware of Fake Apps Using Our Name: "Paid Apps Gone Free"Important Things to Know About This App✘ This app is not a typical app store.✘ We cannot make any specific paid app / game free, so no requests please.● Some deals may not be available in your country or can expire by the time you access them.What is This App?✔ "Paid Apps Gone Free (PAGF)" daily posts a list of paid Android apps and games that have gone free for a limited time.✔ Discover and download paid apps, games, wallpapers, icon packs, themes and more that are free for a limited time on play store.✔ Over 8000 unique apps have been listed till date including many apps and games from top developers. Over 1 Million users have downloaded this app on play store.✔ Besides phones and tablets, many temporarily free apps support android TV and android wear devices as well.✔ Once you download an app, it is yours to own forever and the app is permanently added to your Google account.✔ This app comes with notification support (just once a day for sanity and peace of mind) and includes many options to sort and filter results.✔ No tricks, no strings attached. This app provides 100% legal and safe way to get certain paid apps for free, directly from play store.✔ So by all means, go on shopping, be an app hoarder, enjoy the app sales and get listed apps free.✔ Don't forget to share this app with your friends and family. Let everyone enjoy the free apps.

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