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Phone Cleaner

Phone Cleaner आइकनSuper Phone Cleaner is an android mobile phone cache cleaner, speed booster and memory booster. Arming with CPU cooler, Phone cleaner can optimize the phone with the help of battery saver, super cleaner and power clean. Fast RAM cleaner, junk cleaner master and powerful app cache cleaner can improve your phone. RAM booster and junk notification cleaner also make their contribution in optimizing the phone. Phone Cleaner is all in one clean android master and phone booster toolbox.Do you want a super cleaner to release phone space?Do you want a super cleaner to hibernate power draining apps?Do you want to cool down your phone?How to clean my android phone?How can I clean my phone junk more?Do you hate the noisy junk notifications?Phone Cleaner = Cache Cleaner + Speed Booster + Junk Cleaner + CPU Cooler + Battery Saver + Junk Notification Cleaner + RAM Cleaner + Space Cleaner + App Cleaner + Residual File CleanerInstall this super android cleaner, the all in one toolbox, Android Optimizer, and Android Master now to clean and boost your android phone. You won't ask how to clean my android phone any more.✔ App Cache Cleaner: clean useless application cache files.✔ Junk Cleaner Master: powerful junk cleaner.✔ Speed Booster: phone booster and RAM cleaner to speed up your android phone.✔ Memory Booster: release memory and boost phone.✔ Power Clean Battery Saver: power cleaner kills battery draining apps to save power.✔ CPU Cooler: cool down phone CPU temperature.✔ Notification Cleaner: mute and clean the unwanted notifications if necessary.✔ 1 tap boost: boost phone by one tap.★ App Cache CleanerHelp to analyze apps in android phone, and clean useless application cache files safely. This fast powerful cache cleaner helps to release more space.★ Junk Cleaner MasterJunk Cleaner helps to analyze all the log temporary and history AD files, and then recommend to clean those useless residual junk files to release more storage of mobile phone. Also, clean apk files after app is installed to release space.★ Speed BoosterKill background apps to release memory, and speed up your android phone, boosting the phone effectively. Window cleaner is to remove popups on phone window. Go to boost mobile phone now!★ Power Clean (Battery Saver)Kill battery draining apps to save power by 1 tap. When your phone power is low, Phone Cleaner will remind you to save battery by cleaning apps.★ CPU CoolerCPU Cooler can cool down your android phone CPU temperature with one tap.★ Notification CleanerToo many noisy and useless notifications? Use this super cleaner to mute and clean the unwanted notifications if necessary. The junk notification cleaner will gather junk notifications into one window so that you can clean them if needed.★ 1 tap boostThis super fast cleaner helps to create 1 tap boost, and you can boost phone by one tap easily.The superb Phone Cleaner is 100% FREE android cleaner master and optimizer, you can handle all your android phone optimization by this super clean app. Install this android cleaner to master clean of your android phone as a new one!

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