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Prodigy Baby

Prodigy Baby आइकनTake advantage of the wonder years of your newborn baby!With the Prodigy Baby program, there is no limit to what your newborn can learn and achieve! Created by a Stanford grad, this baby learning program will help you unlock your child’s incredible potential early on in life. Do you feel confused or concerned about what to expect when it comes to infant development? Do you worry that your infant will be behind the curve on growth of skills? Whether you’re still in your pregnancy journey or you’ve already brought home your newborn baby, you’re right to wonder how you can help them succeed. And now look no further, because Prodigy Baby has the solution for you!TEACH YOUR BABYProdigy Baby is a unique baby learning system that allows you to reach baby milestones early through a variety of developmental activities. And best of all, the framework includes NO SCREENTIME for babies: we’re interested in raising superstars, not gluing your babies to a screen. Through our revolutionary learning system, your child can:Learn to read (as early as age 2!)Learn to speakLearn numbers and mathDevelop creativityDevelop incredible athletic skillsAnd so much more!TAILORED TO YOUR NEEDSWhen you download the Prodigy Baby app, you will be able to take a quiz regarding your baby’s stage of development and the skills and developmental milestones you wish to jumpstart. Once you’ve completed the quiz, you will receive a program recommendation for your baby care and learning system. The baby activities are specifically designed to help unlock particular abilities, not just as a random collection of things to do – the difference will show!BABY GAMES ON A BABY SCHEDULEThe wonder weeks from age 0-2 are an important, but particular period of baby development. For this reason, we don’t want to overwhelm the baby or the parenting experience. With this in mind, the Prodigy Baby programs are super easy and convenient and require only 5 minutes of daily developmental activities with the baby.HOW IT WORKSThe Prodigy Baby app is based on the Prodigy Baby framework. Developed after 2,000+ hours of study, it is a simple but powerful step-by-step program created to help your baby ignite their hidden genius potential efficiently and effectively.The framework combines the methodologies of the greatest parenting minds in the world, including Glenn Doman, Makoto Shichida, Maria Montessori, Waldorf, and others, to create a fun, accelerated learning system that helps your child unleash their hidden talents. WEEKLY PLANSExplore our learning system for newborns which is carefully planned with weekly schedules for newborn baby games. We know parents are not teachers and we don’t want you to be. So don’t worry about the development planning, that’s all on us. Simply follow the program laid out and watch the baby learning activities take root! Try keeping a baby learning growth chart and watch yourself be blown away! You may think you’re seeing things, but the milestone tracker can’t lie.Download today and see why we’ve been featured in The Economic Times, The Times of India, Entrepreneur Magazine, and more! Prodigy Baby – because you want more than a child development app, you want a genius development app!

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