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Real Tractor Pulling Simulator

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Real Tractor Pulling Simulator

Real Tractor Pulling Simulator आइकनAfter the success of Heavy Tractor Trolley Cargo Simulator 3d Truck we would like to present you a brand new Real Tractor Pulling Simulator: Offroad and City Mode game which is a new arrival in Tractor Pulling Games.Tractor Pull Simulator Drive Game is a heavy-duty tractor game in offroad, hill and city environment. After playing Offroad Tractor Pulling Game 2020, you will get an idea about how hard it is to Pull some car or Bus with your Tractor in dangerous offroad tracks. Real Tractor Pulling Offroad Game has three different modes. In Hill mode you will experience Real Tractor Pulling and in Offroad mode you will need a powerful Tractor to Pull Cars, Tractors stucked in Muds and Tourist Bus but you will have to do drive your Heavy Tractor carefully in dangerous mud Terrains. The last mode is City mode in which you have to pull Cars stucked in heavy city traffic with burned engines.New Heavy Duty Tractor Pulling 2020 has six Tractors with heavy duty engines. Let’s talk about the gameplay of Real Tractor Pulling Game, Choose the tractor that you want to drive, then choose your favorite mode. Each mode has multiple levels. After selecting your level, you have to enter in your Pull Tractor and start the engine, then you have to attach your tractor with Car, Tractor, SUV, Bus, Prado and many more vehicles with chain and pull them to the Garage.You are going to experience real Uphill Tractor Mountain Drive in "Real Offroad Tractor Pulling Simulator". In this Game you will enjoy realistic environment, extreme weather conditions, different challenges and longest game-play levels on dangerous roads. -Gameplay of Tractor Pulling GameIgnition button to start your tractor engineAutomatic gear box for Neutral, Drive or ReverseRace button to drive your tractor trolleyBrake button to stop the tractor trolleyTwo different controls. One is right and left arrows , the other is steering wheelCamera button for multiple camera viewsHeadlights button to on and off the headlights of your vehicleHorn buttonTractor attach button to attach your tractor with the vehicle using chain -Features of “Real Tractor Pulling Simulator: Offroad and City Mode” : Realistic Offroad, City and Hill EnvironmentRealistic Chain PhysicsHigh definition graphicsSIx different Tractors, 4 wheels & 6 wheels tractorThree different Trolleys45 unique jobsReal physics of Tractor TrolleyDynamic weather effectsLongest gameplayDesigned for all age groupsIn game coins for buying TractorsThis is a best game for all Users of Heavy Tractor Pulling Simulator because of the Realistic physics of Chain that attaches the Tractor with Bus, Offroad Truck, Suvs, Prado and many vehicles. Download now Real Tractor Pulling Simulator Game from play store and play as much as you can. Must give your feedback! -About UsReadstone Creatives As a company always focuses on brand new ideas. We build offroad, truck simulation games. With aim of providing quality game content to player. We previously build many successful games like Future Cargo Truck, Very Tough Driving Simulation games 4×4.Your feedback as a player always helps us to improve the game. Give your feedback at “Real Tractor Pulling Simulator: Offroad and City Mode” Store Page or mail us at [email protected]

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