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  • APP : RedteaGO
  • जरूरतें : Android
  • डेवलपर : Home
  • श्रेणी : यात्रा और स्थानीय

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RedteaGO आइकनHave you used eSIM?Enjoy it with RedteaGO~RedteaGO leverages the latest eSIM technology, allowing seamless activation for data plans, at home or abroad. Why RedteaGO?- 1GB plan for $1 exclusive for new users- Be the first to enjoy eSIM with no string attached- Seamless onboarding with no personal information required- Instant activation at purchase, with one click – Provide global mobile data in 60+ countriesHow to use RedteaGO?1. Register and login through the app 2. Find your target destination (home or abroad)3. Pick and purchase the plan you like4. Activate right from the order page (require connection)5. Enjoy your eSIM journey! RedteaGO Support Models:Google: Pixel 3/3 XL, Pixel 3a/3a XL, Pixel 4/4 XLSamsung: Galaxy S20/S20+/20 Ultra, Galaxy Z Flip, Galaxy FoldMotorola: Razr (eSIM-unlocked device and see your carrier for details)

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