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RevHeadz आइकनRevHeadz Engine Sounds is a state-of-the-art interactive engine sounds application, accurately simulating a huge range of modern and classic cars and motorcycles from off-road to Grand Prix and everything in-between. RevHeadz Engine Sounds puts you in control of gear-shifts, brakes, and accelerator speed, incorporating sonic models of real engine sounds with real-world mechanical physical parameters including speedometer, tachometer, accelerator, brake, drive ratios, drive lashing, engine load, gear-shifts and backfire logic. To experience the real scope of RevHeadz Engine Sounds, simply connect your device to a home or car sound system and take control of the best engine sounds ever created.OBD2 FEATUREYou can also experience RevHeadz Engine Sounds while driving your own car using OBD-II (On-Board Diagnostics / OBD2) communication. *Requires an OBD-II compliant vehicle that supports engine RPM and an ELM / OBD Wifi or Bluetooth adapter.For information and troubleshooting OBD-II: Pack Includes:- 6.0L V12 Italian Supercar- 1000cc V4 Japanese Sports Bike- 4.7L V8 American Classic Muscle Car- 1.3L RX Rotary- 100cc Chainsaw- 1800cc V-Twin Cruiser- NIS 350Z V8 Super GT- AM V12 GT3- FER 458 GT3Classic V8 Sports Car Pack Includes:- Cobra- GT40- Pantera- StingrayClassic American Muscle Pack Includes:- Camaro- Charger- Mustang- ViperGT Pack 1 Includes:- AUD R8 LMS GT3- CHEV CAM GT3- POR 997 GT3 R- BENT CONT GT3GT Pack 2 Includes:- BMW Z4 GT3- MERC AMG GT3- FRD GT LM GT3- FER FXX KGT Pack 3 Includes:- MCLN 12C GT3- NIS GT-R GT3- CHEV COR C7.R- FER 488 GT3Import Pack Includes:- 4.8L V10 LF-Nurb Onboard Sound- 4.8L V10 LF-Nurb Exhaust Sound- 2.0L 4-Boxer 86 Tuned- 3.5L V6 TrophyHistoric Grand Prix Pack Includes:- 3.0L Flat-12 1978 Italian Classic- 3.0 V8 1976 World Champion- 1.5L V6-T 1988 World ChampionModern Grand Prix Pack Includes:- 2.4L V8 2013 Onboard Sound- 2.4L V8 2013 Exhaust Sound- 3.0L V10 2004 World ChampionOff Road Pack Includes:- 2.0L Flat-4T Rallycar- 450cc 4-Stroke Quad Bike- 250cc 2-Stroke Dirt BikeRace Car Pack Includes:- 5.8L V8 American Stockcar- 5.5L V10 TDI German LMP- 3.6L Flat-6 German GT3Street Tuner Pack Includes:- 3.7L V6 Z-Car- 1.6L Inline-4 86 Classic- 2.0L Triple Rotor DriftStreet Bike Pack Includes:- 1200cc V-Twin American Chopper- 1200cc V-Twin Italian Sports Bike- 1050cc Triple British Sports BikeSupercar Pack Includes:- 5.2L V10 Italian Supercar- 4.5L V8 Italian Supercar- 3.2L V6 Japanese SupercarV8 Thunder Pack Includes:- 6.2L V8 Caddy Racecar- 5.0L V8 Australian Racecar- 11.5L V8 Monster Truck

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