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Safe Surfer

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Safe Surfer

Safe Surfer आइकनBuilt to be simple to use, protecting your device with Safe Surfer is as easy as tapping the Get Protected button.Safe Surfer is packed full of features to enable you and your family to surf the Internet without fear:➤ Safer SurfingSafe Surfer blocks a wide range of pornographic and adult websites. Once protection is enabled, these websites cannot load on your device.➤ Eliminate DistractionsSign in to enable blocking 50+ more popular apps and games.➤ Remote Control (Pro)Use the web dashboard to remotely block sites and view the device's browsing history.➤ Mail Alerts (Pro)Regularly send blocked sites and screen blackout events to an admin or accountability partner.➤ Internet History (Pro)View detailed browsing history stats on the device or remotely.➤ Pin ProtectionBuilt-in pin lock functionality ensures that only you or an accountability partner can configure protection and other settings inside the app.➤ Screen BlackoutPowered by machine learning, Screencast detection is a new way to deter the viewing of inappropriate content. When Screen blackout is enabled and triggered, a screenshot is taken and stored securely, along with the screen being temporarily blacked out.➤ Wi-Fi and Cellular protectionSafe Surfer protection keeps your device protected—no matter what kind of network you are connected to.➤ Zero ads and low resource footprintSafe Surfer is ad-free and has a minimal impact on your device's resources.Notes:• Some mobile service providers and Internet service providers in certain countries hijack the ability to use specific DNS settings. The Safe Surfer app relies upon this ability. If this is the case in your country with your service provider, the Safe Surfer app may not work properly on your device. Search for "Safe Surfer Online Filter" for an app that may work in this case!• The Safe Surfer app may not automatically start-up after a device restart on devices using specific Android versions• This app is free and open-source software (FOSS). If you are interested in contributing to its development, please visit our GitLab page:

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