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Skullcandy आइकनABOUT THE SKULLCANDY APPEnhance and customize your listening experience with the Skullcandy App. Control product features and settings, access user guides, and update new features as they become available through Firmware-over-the-air updates. The following Skullcandy audio products have App enabled features:- Crusher ANC- Crusher Evo- Grind Fuel – Indy ANC- Indy Evo- Indy Fuel- Push Active- Push UltraIf you do not have any of the above products, this app will not work for you. PRODUCT FEATURE HIGHLIGHTS Skull-iQ Technology:Grind Fuel and Push Active deliver the most stacked audio technology on the market. With Skull-iQ’s smart technology, the Voice Control feature offers simple hands-free voice commands to activate stay-aware mode, device assistants, Spotify, and media controls, opening you to a revolutionary experience. Customize earbud button settings, share audio with friends, take a photo from your earbuds, and more. Personal Sound: Tune your Grind Fuel, Crusher ANC, Crusher Evo, or Indy ANC for your unique hearing. Take a simple hearing test to generate your personalized sound profile. Hear your music like never before.Equalizers & Hearing Modes: Can be turned on/off or selected to meet your changing noise environment and listening preferences. Firmware-over-the-air (FOTA) updates: As they become available, we will release new and improved firmware to the buds you own, including updated features and deeper product customizations, to keep you with the latest greatest audio experience. Currently offering FOTA for Grind Fuel, Push Active and Indy ANC earbuds to upgrade to the latest firmware available.USER GUIDES & SUPPORTDetailed user manuals and quick guides remind you how to get the most of your product. Explore the Skullcandy brand and get customer service help.

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