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Spotify for Artists

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Spotify for Artists

Spotify for Artists आइकनSpotify for Artists gives you tools to develop your fanbase and reach your goals on Spotify. Built for artists and their teams, Spotify for Artists helps you to understand your audience, manage your artist profile, and celebrate new releases and milestones. With our app, you can make updates and see your stats from anywhere—in the studio, on tour, or even when you’re dreaming about your next release.With Spotify for Artists, you can:• Understand who’s listening and where you’re being heard through your song, playlist, and audience insights.• See a real-time count of how many listeners around the world are streaming your music at any moment.• Celebrate your successes with real-time stats for new releases, updates when you’ve been added to a playlist, and follower milestones.• Control your presence on Spotify by editing your profile, playlists, and Artist’s Pick.• Showcase your creativity by adding a short looping visual to each of your tracks with Canvas.• Easily switch between artists to keep track of your entire roster’s new releases, stats, and profiles.• Learn the latest tips and tricks with access to our latest articles, product updates, and videos.• Share feedback with us and get answers to your questions. We’re here to support you.Connect with us:Follow us on Instagram: Follow us on Twitter: us on LinkedIn:

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