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  • श्रेणी : पालन-पोषण

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Surfie-Parent आइकनNEW!!! Test Surfie Parent one week for free. No payment information required!!!Surfie Parent alerts you when your children are cyber-bullied on WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook and Viber. With Surfie Parent you can limit your children’s screen-time and block applications and inappropriate websites. You can set location alerts to know that your children left home on time and arrived safely at school. Surfie Kids gives you the exact parenting tools you need to take an active part in the online life of your children. FEATURES • Easy install process – just a few steps and your children are protected • Cyber-bullying – monitor foul language on WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook and Viber• Geofencing and location alerts -know when your children leave home, arrive at school, • Location tracking – always know where your children are• Dynamic Webfilter – state of the art webfilter to block adult, violence, drugs and more • Screen-Time – know how much time your children spent on games, chats, social apps• Time limits – set limits for application and website use or block them entirely• Real Time Alerts – be always on top of things and help your children when needed• Low battery notification – know when you children run out of batteryGETTING STARTED1. First, download and install Surfie Parent on your parent phone2. Add a child profile3. Send the install link for Surfie Kids to your child’s mobile device4. Download and install Surfie Kids on your child’s phone5. Follow the install wizard, you will get a success message once you are doneSUPPORT AND FEEDBACK POLICY PRODUCTSChild App & Parent Web portal accessible from any place, at any time.

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