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Toddler Lock Timer

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Toddler Lock Timer

Toddler Lock Timer आइकनThe app simulates a drained battery once the timer ends and doesn’t react to your toddlers’ typical actions so the child will return the device back believing that it needs to be recharged. No tears, no blame and no arguing! As the parent, you can easily unlock your device by either the set knock-code within TLT or with just a simple incoming call! TLT just made parental control a whole lot easier – no more fuss on getting your device back after the set timer! Here’s how it works:• Set a time limit on your child’s use of the device • When the timer goes off, the screen shuts down as if your device battery drained. Both the light and the sound turn off. • It cannot be brought back by actions that your child might try • If you need to use the device, there is a specific ‘knock-code’ that parents can use, and an incoming call will make your phone active again. other case your device will be unlocked automatically when goes off the unlock timer.Q&A- What if my child decides to restart the phone before the timer? Toddler Lock Timer has been developed for toddlers who do not have the knowledge of restarting the device before the timer is complete. If this becomes a problem, we recommend setting a lock pin on your phone in the case of the application restarting. – I bought Toddler Lock Timer however the ads are still showing up?We are sorry for the inconvenience, this is possible if the ads have been cached to memory before purchasing the ad-free version. To fix this issue, please reset your device. – How can I unlock my phone after the screen goes black to simulate the drained battery?To unlock, please use the knock code or wait until the cool down period that was set in settings. Can I set a pin code to unlock after the timer period instead of the screen going black? The purpose of Toddler Lock Timer is to simulate a drained batter so your child returns the device without any fuss. Due to this, the screen goes black with only a knock code or waiting for the cool down timer to re activate the device. – What if my child knows how to uninstall this application? Unfortunately, we can not prevent Toddler Lock Timer from being uninstalled due to the system restrictions. We advise you to hide the app icon so it can’t be removed easily.

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