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Ultrasound Guide A2Z

Ultrasound Guide आइकनThe first ultrasound apps that comprised whole ultrasound examination with cases and images of pathological finding. It also includes report of the differential diagnosis. All most 200 cases of ultrasound scan were discussed among the following part: Ultrasound PhysicsObstetrics scan.Gynaecological.Abdomino-Pelvics.Peadiatric.Opthalmic.Prostate Scan.Below are some of the cases discussed.General anatomy of the fetusFetal Gender determination AdenomyosisAgenesis of the corpus callosumAnencephalyBicornuate uterusBlighted OvumBulky uterusCervical carcinomaCervicitisComplete Placenta PreviaComplex Ovarian CystCord around the neck of the fetusCornual Pregnancy Cyesis Using BPD Cyesis Using CRLCyesis using gestational sac Cyesis with FLCyesis with PostdatismCystic teratoma of the ovary Dermal sinus tract in neonate Dichorionic twinEndometrial hyperplasia EndometriomasEndometritis case Fetal spongiform myocardiumGastroschisisGestation age using MSD HematometrocolposHemorrhagic ovarian cyst Heterotopic pregnancyHydatidiform moleHydrosalpinxInguinal hernia with ectopic ovaryIntrauterine pregnancyIUFDLeft ovarian massLeft ovarian torsionEctopic pregnancyMarginal Placenta PreviaMeningoceleMolar pregnancyMonochorionic twinMulticystic encephalomalaciaOligohydraminosOmphaloceleOvarian cystadenomaPerforated uterusPlacenta PreviaPlacental Abruptionpolycystic ovarian diseasePolycystic ovarian syndromesPost operative hematomaPost-operative abscessProlapsing uterine leiomyomaRetained products of conception Right ovarian mass – dermoidRight ovarian torsionRupturing ectopic pregnancy Subseptate uterusSuccenturiate lobe of placentaThreatened abortionT-shaped uterusTubo-ovarian abscessUterine fibroidsUterine lipoleiomyomaVein of Galen malformation

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