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Whats Web for WhatsApp

  • APP : Whats Web for WhatsApp
  • जरूरतें : Android
  • डेवलपर : Home
  • श्रेणी : कार्यक्षमता

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Whats Web for WhatsApp

Whats Web for WhatsApp आइकनWhats Web for WhatsApp is an app which helps you to use multiple WA accounts on the same device. Using Whats Web for WhatsApp, you can also download statuses and directly message anyone without saving their contact number.With Whats Web for WhatsApp, you can easily open two WA accounts on the same device or one account in many devices.Key Features:No AdsEnjoy various Whats web for Whatsapp features without ads.Whats Web for WhatsAppWhats Web for WhatsApp app helps you to operate more than one WA accounts on the same device or same account on multiple devices by easily scanning the WA Web QR code. Status SaverWhats Web for WhatsApp app helps save other's WA status and use them at any time. Direct ChatWhats Web for WhatsApp app has a feature called Direct Chat that helps you to directly message other people without saving contact.Dark ModeWhats Web for WhatsApp app also has a dark mode that helps you in saving your eyes from burning :)Note: – Whats Web for WhatsApp is created by ZeroBug00, and it is neither an official WhatsApp application nor associated with WhatsApp Inc.

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