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Pick Up App

Pick Up App आइकनPick Up App is the Taxi booking service in CambodiaPick Up App is a taxi booking service based in Cambodia. The application allows to book a taximeter (Tuk Tuk India, TukTuk Khmer, Car…) anytime we go for a flight to the airport or if we are running late for day job, or getting home late at night. You are guaranteed to get there safely and always in time. We provide transportation in Phnom Penh at affordable prices only. Pass Up App intends to work with professional local drivers, adhering to the highest industry standards. That is what makes us proud to be a leading Taxi booking service in Cambodia.Hire taxi and get ride in CambodiaPass up App is available 24/7. Our cab drivers use modern precise meter. Using the app you can hire:TukTuk KhmerTukTuk India CabSUVAll you need to do is to pick your destination, choose a delivery point and submit payments after the trip is done. Using our service will help you book a taxi in a matter of seconds and get a fast go to any destination of your choice.Book Taxi easilyTo use Pass Up App, you should have an active mobile phone number at hand. When your account is approved, you can mark your pick up location and choose service type. Once you have done a booking, the app will let you know when Taxi driver arrives. After the payment is done, you will get the invoice with your trip details automatically sent to your inbox.Additional services-Promotion Code for special price – Rest assured you will always have access to fair estimates of your arrival time each time you book a taxi. Our taximeter cab and tuk tuk in Cambodia are always at your disposal.- Rate your drivers helping us improve the quality and comfort of passengers rides.- Monitor the progress of your car on local map: from pickup location to delivery point. – Leaving notes to drivers before your taxi ride. This is especially convenient if you order a car for someone else or travel with pet wanting to warn your driver about it in advance.TechnologyWe go hand in hand with technology. That’s why Pass up App Cambodia always uses up-to-date software to improve your lifestyle. Our 24/7 pick-up app allows to book a ride anywhere fast and easily. Pass up App ratesWe provide local taxi service at low prices. All tuktuk khmer, tuktuk india and cabs are owned by professional drivers who provide taxi service independently. Contact usPlease do not hesitate to contact us, if you have any questions or concerns about our service. We are always glad to help and we are excited to hear what you have to say about us. This will help us dramatically to enhance our Pick up App and bring it to the next level. We go above and beyond in delivering excellent taxi service for all our clients. Being a leader on Cambodian market, Pass up App has surpassed its competition and become the leading TukTuk & cab Booking App.Follow us? Email [email protected]☎️Hotline: 010 54 54 58 or 099 54 54 58 ?Facebook: facebook.com/pickupapp/

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