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Pin Traveler

Pin Traveler आइकनCan’t remember the name of that place you visited last summer? Want to create a wishlist for your future travels? Wish you could see all the places and countries you have been to on a map? Pin Traveler is here to help you keep track of your trips all around the world and share them with whoever you want!Keep track of countries, states, and cities you've been to on your travel map, and discover your travel stats. Effortlessly add details to your pins such as your visit dates, favorite restaurants, and points of interest. Share your world with friends and family with a single tap.With Pin Traveler:• Search and Pin any city, country, or location, including states• See fun stats like your farthest or most visited pin• Share your travel map with friends and family• Create a wishlist of your potential future destinations or custom lists by using pin colors• Save the details of your trips to remember your favorite restaurants, shops, and sights• Add dates to your locations to view your trips in chronological order• Associate photos with your visits and locations• Synchronize your data across your various Apple DevicesWhy you’ll love Pin Traveler:• Specialization: Visiting one city doesn't mean you want to mark the entire country! With Pin Traveler, you have the full flexibility of choosing what you want to mark on your map• Personalization: Customize your map with options ranging from pin colors, using flags or map styles• Sharing: You can share an image of your travel map, or a link to our interactive web-map to share your pins with everyone you want• Privacy-focused: feel free to take your account private anytime restricting all access from outsiders• Built & Designed by a travel enthusiast, just like youIf you enjoy using Pin Traveler and would show us your support make sure to leave us a 5-star review!For questions, comments, or support; send us an email at [email protected] or use the feedback button in the app.Instagram, Twitter: @PinTravelerAppWebsite: Premium MembershipFree users are able to pin up to 50 pins for free and save 3 points of interest (such as restaurants, museums, etc.) per pin. They can also add an unlimited number of travel dates to their pins and change their pin colors/labels without any restrictions. Premium tier users have unlimited usage in all services along with the ability to upload an unlimited number of photos.Premium tier subscription payments are made through your Google Play Account and automatically renew at the expiration of your membership period, starting at the end of your trial. Cancel at any time by turning off auto-renewal in your Account Settings at least 24 hours before the expiration of your membership period, any unused trial days will be forfeited.Terms & Conditions:

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