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WebCricket आइकनWebCricket is a free cricket scoring application which also has the fantastic feature of live online scoring! It is the most widely used electronic scoring system amongst schools and clubs in South Africa, a major cricket playing nation.The WebCricket system has the following major features: 1. User-friendly electronic scoring system to simplify the old book scoring method 2. Live online scoring for your community to follow the game in real time (www.webcricket.co.za) 3. Event List tracking which allows you to go back to any point in the game to edit errors made while scoring 4. Detailed statistical analysis which has proven to be an essential coaching tool for player development 5. Extensive help files to guide you along should you require any assistance during the scoring process 6. The development of the WebSports Notification app, which will send a notification to your device when a wicket falls, player reaches 50 etc. Feedback from the current users is that the WebCricket system is extremely user-friendly! Simply register after you download, add your ‘Venues’, ‘Teams’ and ‘Players’ and then get going by starting a ‘New Game’. For help, simply click on the ‘Help’ menu icon from any screen to get routed to the help section for that particular screen.As we have seen in South Africa, live online scoring has become an extremely valuable feature of the WebCricket system. With our busy schedules these days, and with so much cricket being played during the week, it is impossible for parents to always be at the games due to work or other commitments. Live scoring allows them the opportunity to follow the game in real time with ball-by-ball updates so that they don’t miss any of the action!Another major development has been the creation of the WebSports Notification app. It is a free download which allows you to follow any registered team using the WebCricket system. It sends you a notification as soon as a main event happens in a game (Wicket falls, player reaches 50 etc.). It is a wonderful tool for users who cannot always follow the action on the WebCricket site at all times, but would like to know immediately when something happens in the game. Note: Please email [email protected] to get your team registered for the WebSports app. The app is available on the Play Store.We have no doubt that you will all thoroughly enjoy your scoring experience with the WebCricket app. For any queries, please don’t hesitate to email us as at [email protected].

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